Boot Camp for Human Resources



For: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Digital Media Engagement Human Resources Team Interns



Job Codes: VA-USA-18 



Topics for this course

20 Lessons1h 30m

Overview of the DME Team

Check for Understanding: DME Overview

Working with Your Team

Organizational Structure

Departmental Resources

Weekly Reports

Intern Policies

Getting Involved

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Yes it had helped me get a better understanding of my internship department.

I timed out of my first attempt at the final quiz but answered the third question correctly, but the page would not let me move onto the next question.

The last quiz was a bit of a problem. I answered all the questions right, but it didn't let me submit it. Now, the time shows expired and I can't answer any questions.

I answered this question correctly on the final quiz but it did not accept it and then I timed out of my first attempt. It says I have two more attempts but won't let me start.

3. What events are hosted weekly in Slack for interns to develop their marketability as a professional?


Target Audience

  • DME Human Resources interns