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Boot Camp for Human Resources

Categories: Departmental Training
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About Course


For: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Digital Media Engagement Human Resources Team Interns



Job Codes: VA-USA-18 



About the instructor

Course Curriculum

Overview of the DME Team

  • Welcome!
  • Check for Understanding: DME Overview

Working with Your Team

  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Effectively Working with Your Team
  • Check for Understanding: Working With Your Team

Organizational Structure

  • Navigating the Internship
  • The Leadership Team
  • The Departments of VA DME
  • Check for Understanding: Organizational Structure

Departmental Resources

  • Our Mission
  • Social Media and Recruitment
  • Check for Understanding: HR Department Resources

Weekly Reports

  • Overview
  • Structure
  • What Counts Towards Weekly Hours?
  • Sending Your Report
  • Check for Understanding: Weekly Reports

Intern Policies

  • Intern Inactivity Policy
  • Letter of Recommendation Policy
  • Vacation and Leave Policy
  • Communication
  • Check for Understanding: Intern Policy

Getting Involved

  • Making Connections Monday
  • Resume Friday
  • Communicating with Your Team
  • Check for Understanding: Getting Involved

Student Ratings & Reviews

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Yes it had helped me get a better understanding of my internship department.
2 years ago
I timed out of my first attempt at the final quiz but answered the third question correctly, but the page would not let me move onto the next question.
2 years ago
The last quiz was a bit of a problem. I answered all the questions right, but it didn\'t let me submit it. Now, the time shows expired and I can\'t answer any questions.
2 years ago
I answered this question correctly on the final quiz but it did not accept it and then I timed out of my first attempt. It says I have two more attempts but won\'t let me start. 3. What events are hosted weekly in Slack for interns to develop their marketability as a professional?