DME Department Heads

Department Heads are interns who manage departments within the DME Internship Program.

These Department Heads assume responsibility for their assigned project area by ensuring work progress, answering questions, and addressing feedback. Department Heads also communicate intern concerns to the Internship Supervisor and advise the Internship Supervisor on revisions to internship program policies. This internship builds leadership and communication skills in a virtual environment through coordinating with interns to ensure timely task completion. Department Heads collect weekly reports for interns assigned to their team and champion team members for rewards such as recommendation letters, letters of appreciation, and LinkedIn endorsements. They are expected to coordinate or delegate responsibilities to Interns and Division Officers that they supervise and regularly collect results on key metrics. Department Heads may also be asked to attend infrequent conference calls on important internship program tasks.

Prospective Department Heads must have prior experience in project management, leadership and responsibility. While theys need not have specific expertise in their project area, it can be helpful (e.g. a Graphic Design Department Head need not have prior graphic design experience, but can be greatly helped by having it). Prior project management certifications (e.g. PMP) and experience with project planning software (e.g. Microsoft Project) are beneficial but not required.

Please visit the DME Team Internship Structure page for detail on the hierarchical relationship between Department Heads and other individuals within the internship program.

If you wish to apply to become a Department Head or would like more information on the application process, please visit the How to Apply page on this site.