Fact Checking / Researcher

The VA’s content is disseminated across various social media channels and reaches millions of followers. As such, the accuracy and appropriateness of information are critical to ensure that featured Veterans get the respect they deserve or that audiences are informed about the correct facts. Fact Checking Interns also called “Researchers”, are the cornerstone of all of the DME Team’s produced content as they ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of information disseminated in the VA’s Social Media platforms and on the VAntage Point blog. Fact Checking Interns ensure that graphics contain accurate and appropriate information, that written materials’ facts are correct and have appropriate content, and that blog post graphics use images that are appropriate and copyright free. If the content is delivered with inaccurate information, it not only distracts from the quality of the content but is a disservice to the Veteran who is featured. As such, Fact Checking interns are expected to exercise meticulous attention to detail at all times.

The Fact Checking department includes Division Officers who work extensively on A Veteran’s Story and #OperationSong as well as with other internship departments, notably Writing and Instagram.

Prospective interns should have excellent research skills, writing skills, strong attention to detail, and strong teamwork skills. Prior Trello experience is recommended. Though not required, knowledge of military medals, uniforms, and equipment (e.g. types of ships, tanks, aircraft, weapons, etc.) and of US military history is beneficial.

Please visit the How to Apply page for application details if you are interested in interning in this department.