Graphic Design

Graphic Design Interns produce high-quality visual media that further the VA’s mission.

Graphic Design Interns learn the fundamentals of operating in a cabinet-level agency while reaching out to nearly 21 million Veterans and their family members with important information about compensation, health care, education and other benefits. Graphic Design Interns plan, design, develop, modify, and complete visual information projects for web-based visual media products to communicate with Veterans, their family members and the public on matters affecting their daily lives from health care and insurance to monetary compensation and suicide prevention. Graphic Design interns contribute in diverse ways to VA content such as through producing graphics for special projects such as A Veteran’s Story and the Veteran of the Day graphics, and editing photos published on the VA’s Instagram channel.

We are currently accepting applications for the following positions (Must Apply by July 31):

The Graphic Design department includes Division Officers who work extensively on A Veteran’s Story and #OperationSong as well as with other internship departments, notably Web and Instagram.

A prospective intern should review previously created graphics (such as the graphic on this page, this Veteran of the Day graphic and this graphic for A Veteran’s Story) as they represent the minimum level of quality expected of them. A prospective intern should have their own computer, their own license to Adobe Photoshop, and proficiency in using Adobe Photoshop.

How to Apply

Please visit the How to Apply page for application details if you are interested in interning in this department.