Instagram Interns play a key role in the operations of the VA’s Instagram Channel, which disseminates content to over 107,000 followers. Instagram interns are responsible for finding positive content regarding recent events and items of interest to Veterans and creating Instagram content to disseminate to our audience. Due to their frequent work with the VA’s social media platforms, Instagram interns will often use Salesforce Social Studio to schedule social content across these platforms and collaborate with their fellow interns on Trello. They will also play a role in finding comments that require action (such as vulgar comments or slurs, spam, personally identifiable information- like addresses and social security numbers- and threats towards oneself or others), and subsequently, label and report them appropriately.

The Instagram Department includes a Division Officer of Editing who performs extensive work in moderating the Trello workspace and the transfer of content to Salesforce.

Prospective interns should have experience using Instagram, concise writing skills, attention to detail, strong teamwork skills, and an understanding of social media management.

Please visit the How to Apply page for application details if you are interested in interning in this department.