Intern Policies

The following are important policies for current interns.


Please forward any questions to the ELT or Dom:

 1. Intern Inactivity Policy

Interns are due to turn in a weekly report, every Thursday, to their respective DH, all ELT members, and Dom. Failure to turn in 3 weekly reports, will result in removal from the program.

DHs will keep up with their department interns and will directly contact anyone who has not submitted a weekly report via email. If no response is given to the DH or no update is given describing reason for continued inactivity, removal from program will take place exactly three weeks from the initial email from the DH.

Exemptions will be given for extenuating circumstances, but communication with one’s DH is crucial. In the event that an intern is out, the intern should contact the DH, at least one ELT member, and Dom, stating why the intern will be out and how long the intern is expected to be out. If not possible to do so ahead of time or during that time, the intern should communicate as soon as they have the opportunity.

Dom, ELT members, and DHs understand that interns can have unforeseen circumstances that adversely affect one’s schedule, such as family emergencies or even midterms/finals, but communication with one’s DH is still crucial. It is also understood that one’s department may have less work in select weeks, but a weekly report should still be submitted.

When submitting weekly reports, please write “Weekly Report” as the subject line of your email to the DH, all ELT members, and Dom. Any other subject lines are likely to be missed. Please write the email to one’s own DH and cc Dom and all ELT members as a yearly progress record is required for each intern in case a DH or ELT member falls ill or resigns from the program. Emails can be located on Slack bios of individuals.

This inactivity policy will be effective going forward and will be applied to any missed weekly reports. The three missed reports will apply to both consecutively and non consecutively missed reports during the rest of the year.

 2. Letter of Recommendation Policy

Department Heads (DHs) will be choosing interns based on the top 25% intern performance, rounded down to the nearest whole #, on their teams for recommendations. For example, if a team has 10 interns (25% of 10 is 2.5), then the DH would submit their top 2 names (2.5 rounded down is 2). This will be based on merit and communication.

DHs will be writing the letter of recommendation themselves, detailing chosen interns’ accomplishments and hard work during the year. Once completed the DH will submit the letter to Dom for review and signature.

This selection process will be finalized the last week of February and letters will be completed in March. A generalized letter detailing the completion of the VSFS internship will be given out to all interns as well.

For this reason, it is crucial for interns turn in weekly reports, on Thursdays, to their respective DH, all ELT members, and Dom.


3. Vacation and Leave Policy

Interns within the DME Team Internship Program are permitted to take vacations on dates that coincide with holidays in their school’s academic calendar.

Interns who take vacations must give at least one week advance notice that they will take a vacation.

Retroactive notice of vacation is not permitted.

Interns are to inform their DH of the start date and end date of vacation.

It is the responsibility of DHs to notify their respective ELT members that an intern is going on vacation.

DH and ELT members are to list in their weekly reports that the intern in question is on vacation, and provide the duration of vacation in their weekly reports.

Interns within the DME Team Internship Program are permitted to take a leave of absence or “leave” for short-term emergency situations (e.g. family member death, temporary illness, natural disasters, etc.), for university midterm/final examinations, or for extreme personal circumstances (e.g. serious illness).

Communications about an extreme circumstance must be provided by the intern within two weeks of the first missed weekly report caused by that extreme circumstance.

In cases of natural disasters (e.g. hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, wildfires, etc.), the Internship Program Manager and/or ELTs will reiterate the importance of prioritizing safety over work completion, and those who are in the path of the natural disaster will be allowed to take leave for as long as needed for their safety.

Interns who are taking midterm or final exams must notify their respective DH that this is the case, and will be allowed reduced activity on days in which they have midterms and final exams.

Interns who have extreme circumstances (e.g. illness requiring hospitalization beyond one week) are permitted to take leave for an indefinite period.

Interns who take leave for a non-extreme reason must explain either proactively or retroactively the reason for their leave to their respective DH at least one week before the start of that leave time or at least one week after the end of that leave time.

It is at the discretion of the DH and ELT supervising an intern to decide whether or not an intern took leave for a valid reason. In cases of disagreement, the Internship Program Manager will have the final say over whether or not leave was taken for a valid reason.

All intern notifications of vacations and leaves should be conveyed to the intern’s respective DH AND be written in the weekly report for the week in question under the “Questions/Concerns” section. Notification must follow the time frame guidelines given above.

DHs who take vacations or leave will inform their respective ELT in a manner and time frame consistent with the guidelines noted above

ELT members who take vacations or leave will inform all other ELTs and the Internship Program Manager in a manner and time frame consistent with the guidelines noted above.

Interns failing to provide notice or explanation for vacation or leave consistent with the guidelines noted above will cause that time to be counted as inactivity.