DME Internship Structure

The DME Team Internship uses a defined organizational structure to realize its aim of helping Veterans. The 2021-2022 Organizational Chart is shown below.

DME Internship Structure

The DME Team Internship Program is led by the Internship Supervisor or “Commanding Officer,” who has overall responsibility for the operations and development of the program.

Executive Leadership Team (ELT) Interns support the Internship Supervisor to develop internship policies and procedures, manage communication within the internship, answer questions about the overall internship program, analyze metrics in all departments, supervise interns in a specific area of responsibility, and disseminate important announcements to all interns. ELT interns are highly talented interns who have either distinguished themselves through excellent performance in prior years of the internship or are new interns that show extraordinary potential for leadership through their past academic, professional, and/or extracurricular experiences.

ELT Interns supervise Department Heads (DHs), interns who serve as the leaders of departments within the DME Internship Program. DHs are responsible for work completion, weekly reports, and answering questions in their project area. Individuals become DHs through applying to the program or having great performance within a specific department in a prior year of the internship. Please see the Department Heads Tab on the departments page for additional details.

DHs supervise interns in their departments. These interns include “Division Officers (DOs),”  interns who lead notable subsections of the internship or facets of Special Projects under DH supervision. Interns become DOs by demonstrating excellent performance throughout the year in their respective tasks and an interest in specific areas that need DOs.

If you wish to intern in a well-structured program such as this one or would like more information on the application process, please visit the How to Apply page on this site.