Welcome New DME Interns!




Please take a few minutes to click through our new boot camp orientation pages.  It takes about 20 minutes, and gets you ready to join your team.

At the end of the boot camp pages, you will be introduced to DME Team members through our collaboration tools, Slack and Trello. These are online services which provide our official communication and project management tools here at DME.


For the Curious or the Adventurous, Techies, Social Media Fans, and Maybe YOU: Check out our Beta Test of an Intranet with online community which adds social features in an Intranet space that provides a messaging and discussion area.  It will help us keep important messages or ideas from working teams from sliding off of slack.  There is a 10,000 posts limit.  This means older posts roll off and get lost as new posts are added.

To help us Beta Test this new feature, start now by registering and creating a profile.   (Note: Logged in users can edit their profile on the profile page, change password, add cover image and profile photo. Users who are already logged in won’t see the registration page, but the link will take you to the home page instead. )