Success Stories

See what our previous interns are saying about their time at DME. 

Michaela Yesis

External Affairs XO

“Being a part of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Digital Media Engagement Team gave me invaluable work experience while interacting with students from across the country. As a full-time student, I was able to create a flexible work schedule around my classes while contributing to VA projects remotely. Working in different positions allowed me to hone my leadership and communication skills and learn while collaborating with multiple DME departments to support and honor our nation’s Veterans.”

Kimberly Quon

Human Resources DO

“The VA Internship taught me a new way to work with people remotely, such as learning how to communicate and collaborate in an online setting. I believe this is a useful skill for my future career, such as if I were to telework from home. Additionally, this internship also allowed me to work with a hardworking team of students, where we cooperated on long-term projects such as social media engagement, allowing me to improve my leadership, creativity, and communication skills. I’m grateful to have met an amazing network of people and to have also helped honor our Veterans in the process.”

Essence McPherson

Editing Intern

“The Veterans Affairs internship and working on A Veteran’s Story, has given me the opportunity to learn so much more about veterans then I could in a classroom. It was a worthwhile experience and what I valued the most was the nice, supportive working environment and the commitment of other interns to deliver an excellent service. It is a great opportunity for interns to gain practical skills and learn about working on team projects. To conclude the internship was an enriching experience and the insight I gained will influence my future professional career.”

Steven Sullivan

Social Media DH

“My time at the VA’s Digital Media Engagement internship so far has been nothing short of amazing! Through the various positions I’ve held I have gotten to view the internship through many different lenses and each step of the way has provided me with immeasurable and invaluable experience. Plus, the remote aspect allowed me to have great flexibility in when and how my work got done. Most importantly, the work never really felt like work to me because the fulfillment I got from helping Veterans was so great. This internship has been so enjoyable and has really prepared me for the next step in my career. It’s an amazing opportunity and I’m grateful to have been a part of it!”

Michelle Zischke

Graphic Design Intern

“Being a graphic design intern for the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Digital Media Engagement (DME) Team is an opportunity for which I am particularly thankful. Not only was I able to read about some remarkable Veterans, but I also was able to thank them in a small way through arranging photographs for a variety of graphics, including Veteran of the Day posts. Learning more about what Veterans are doing in the community has made me more aware of their needs, giving me a greater appreciation for those that served our country. This internship provided an opportunity to learn a virtual platform adding to my skills while broadening my connections.”

Profile Picture of Kat Blanchard

Kat Blanchard

Research Intern

“The DME VSFS internship has been one of the best experiences of my college career. This internship provided me with so many opportunities to not only grow my professional experiences but also my network. As a Fact Checker I was able to grow my researching skills and expand my knowledge about our nations veterans. Being a part of such a large team has allowed me to expand my network across the country. I am so grateful for this opportunity to honor our nations veterans and grow my own skills at the same time!”