Each year, more and more interns complete projects in the DME Internship Program; the 2018-2019 program brought together over 100 interns. The Turnover internship was created in the 2018-2019 academic year to facilitate smooth orientation of new interns and smooth transitioning of outgoing interns through the development of manuals and other instructional materials about each internship area. Turnover interns are part of the Human Resources Department and are led by a dedicated Division Officer.

Turnover interns work with other Department Heads and interview interns in various departments to create documentation about the scope of work, policies, and processes unique to each internship area. Turnover interns also work with the Web Department to ensure that interns have access to these materials. Turnover interns may need to create web pages or educational videos with screen capture software to aid in transitioning interns.

Turnover interns should have experience writing documents with Word Processing software, developing PowerPoint presentations, teamwork, and editing. Prior experience with Trello is useful but not required.

Please visit the How to Apply page for application details if you are interested in interning in this department.