Video Production

Video Production Interns develop creative videos to tell Veteran stories in order to inform, entertain, and engage Veterans and their families. These interns work in all aspects of video production (pre-production, field production and post-production). A typical Video Production Intern will research and plan potential stories that appeal to the VA’s social media audience, capture audiovisual material with microphones and digital cameras, and edit graphical and audiovisual elements into videos whose duration is on average 1 minute for sharing with VA social media.

Prospective interns must possess knowledge of and experience in HD video cameras, non-linear video editing software, lighting, microphones, and adding graphical elements to videos. They must have the ability to plan, organize, shoot, and edit videos using their own camera, microphones and video editing software. Prospective interns must carefully document and provide relevant source files (audio, music, video, images, graphics, etc.) and final video files, ensuring that all materials are royalty-free, non-copyrighted materials and approved by DME staff.