Short Summary: When her plans changed due to COVID-19, Brandi Munoz joined as a graphic design intern. She found that the flexibility and virtual nature of the work environment fit well with her lifestyle and allowed her to work at her own pace and on her own time. The internship has taught Brandi how to collaborate with a team and has helped her gain communication skills. She recommends the internship to anyone looking to work on a wide range of projects, learn new skills and make valuable connections.

Brandi Munoz was planning to start an internship in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area in Texas when COVID-19 hit. With her plans and the world suddenly changed, Brandi heard about the Virtual Student Federal Service (VSFS) internship. The virtual nature of the internship came at an opportune time and allowed for Brandi to continue living in the United Kingdom with her husband. The VA’s Digital Media Engagement (DME) team had an opening for graphic design interns, which was exactly the internship Brandi was looking for.

Above all, Brandi’s favorite part of being a graphic design intern through VSFS is the ability to set her own schedule and choose her own projects. The flexibility of the internship fit well into Brandi’s lifestyle and allowed her to work at her own pace and on her own time, leaving her free to work on other projects or spend time with family. Brandi appreciates how hardworking her teammates are and finds their work ethics infectious.

In addition to the flexible work environment of a virtual internship, Brandi found working for the VA to be a rewarding experience for many other reasons. Contributing to the work of an agency that helps Veterans allowed Brandi to complete impactful work each day. As a graphic design intern, Brandi designs and develops visual information projects. This role allows Brandi to complete various types of projects that enrich the Veteran community and provide Veterans with beneficial information and resources. Throughout her internship, Brandi has learned the true power of collaboration. In this role and organization, keeping open lines of communication is very important and teamwork contributes to high quality work.

In her time with the DME intern program, Brandi was able to accomplish a wide range of projects, learn new graphic design and workplace skills and make valuable connections. She would recommend the VSFS VA internship to hardworking graphic designers who are willing to step up, be proactive and work with a phenomenal team. Her future advice to interns? “Be ready to get out of your comfort zone and be enthusiastic about your work. Set goals for yourself each week and stay open to learn from and lean on your team.”

Editor: Elissa Tatum