DME Internship Benefits

Why intern with the DME team?

Internships with the DME Team provide various benefits to the intern, to the VA, and to Veterans. Here are a few:

Benefits to Interns

  • Flexible work hours (10 hours/week, at any desired location so long as the intern has computer access, arranged with the Internship Supervisor, Executive Leadership Team (ELT), and Department Head).
  • Teamwork and communication experience in a virtual environment.
  • Greater understanding of the perspectives of Veterans and the work of the US Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Potential for strong letters of recommendations or evaluations for future employment or academic work.
  • Opportunity to develop professional communication and project collaboration skills using tools such as Slack and Trello.
  • Connections with VA employees.
  • Connections with fellow interns of diverse backgrounds all across the country.

Please visit the Intern Profiles page to read about the responsibilities of several former interns and the Testimonials page to read about several former interns’ experiences.

Benefits to the VA and Veterans

  • VA Staff gain project support and perspective from interns.
  • VA Staff have the opportunity to foster intergenerational dialogue by bridging current college students and Veterans.
  • VA Staff have an expanded opportunity to serve Veterans by highlighting a more diverse range of Veteran issues and stories.
  • VA Staff have the opportunity to develop skills in a new generation of college students and future leaders.
  • Veterans see their stories and contributions highlighted.
  • Veterans receive informative and helpful content relevant to their needs and experiences.
  • Veterans gain an expanded creative range and depth of communications.

Please visit the 2019-2020 Accomplishments page to read examples of how various internship departments have tangibly impacted the VA and Veterans.