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Boot Camp for Writing

Categories: Departmental Training
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About Course


For: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Digital Media Engagement Writing Department Interns



Job Code: VA-USA-52 (Writing Intern)


About the instructor

Course Curriculum

Overview of the DME Team

  • Welcome!
  • Check For Understanding: Overview of the DME Team

Working with Your Team

  • Effectively Working with Your Team
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Check For Understanding: Working with Your Team

Organizational Structure

  • Navigating the Internship
  • The Leadership Team
  • The Departments of VA DME
  • Check For Understanding: Organizational Structure

Departmental Resources

  • Overview of the Writing Team
  • The Mock VOD
  • Writing Real Posts
  • Plagiarism Prevention & Policies
  • Department-Specific Communication Channels
  • Conclusion
  • Check for Understanding: Writing Department Resources

Weekly Reports

  • Overview
  • Structure
  • What Counts Towards Weekly Hours?
  • Sending Your Report
  • Check For Understanding: Weekly Reports

Intern Policies

  • Intern Inactivity Policy
  • Letter of Recommendation Policy
  • Vacation and Leave Policy
  • Communication
  • Check For Understanding: Intern Policies

Getting Involved

  • Making Connections Monday
  • Resume Friday
  • Communicating with Your Team
  • Check For Understanding: Getting Involved

Student Ratings & Reviews

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5 months ago
This course presented a significant amount of critical information for a new intern to get started. It also reassures a new intern that learning will be on going throughout the internship. If you are unsure, always ask your leadership and they will provide you with the needed information.
6 months ago
Most of this course is, as other reviews have said, a repeat of the general boot camp course. This is just fine, though -- repetition is useful for learning! The parts that were not repeated contained useful links, emails, and files that will help me later. Thank you!
7 months ago
It was a little overwhelming but I feel as if I have all the resources if I have a problem
7 months ago
Provided valuable info on the writing department and the process of VOD\'s and other work. The solid amount of overlap between the general bootcamp and this one made it in some cases unnecessarily longer, but it still helped drill the info into my head!
7 months ago
The course was helpful in explaining what a writing intern does.
8 months ago
I thought it was solid overall, a little bit repetitive with having the same lessons as in the general Bootcamp, but that\'s just a minor complaint.
This course was very thorough and helped me comfortable starting my internship.
The course was well put together.