Boot Camp for Writing



For: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Digital Media Engagement Writing Department Interns



Job Code: VA-USA-52 (Writing Intern)



Topics for this course

23 Lessons1h 29m

Overview of the DME Team

Check For Understanding: Overview of the DME Team

Working with Your Team

Organizational Structure

Departmental Resources

Weekly Reports

Intern Policies

Getting Involved

Student Feedback


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3 ratings
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It was a little overwhelming but I feel as if I have all the resources if I have a problem

Provided valuable info on the writing department and the process of VOD's and other work. The solid amount of overlap between the general bootcamp and this one made it in some cases unnecessarily longer, but it still helped drill the info into my head!

The course was helpful in explaining what a writing intern does.

I thought it was solid overall, a little bit repetitive with having the same lessons as in the general Bootcamp, but that's just a minor complaint.

This course was very thorough and helped me comfortable starting my internship.

The course was well put together.


Target Audience

  • Writing Department Interns