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Welcome to the Digital Media Engagement Virtual Internship! Home to over 250 interns that create content for the Department of Veterans Affair’s social media channels.

About the Internship

The DME Internship works with the Department of Veterans Affairs to develop creative ways to support communication between the government and our Veterans. The DME Team leverages the skills of hundreds of student interns with backgrounds in writing, graphic design, human resources, analytics, web development, and more. 

The DME Team was created by Dominique Ramirez in 2016 to help support OPIA’s growing efforts to engage with our country’s veterans in new and creative ways. The VA DME team has leveraged the skills and talents of hundreds of interns to become one of the U.S. federal government’s most successful student intern teams with a primary focus on social media content production

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Our work matters because we have the ability to shape how the government communicates with our veterans in the age of social media.

Dominique Ramirez — Internship Supervisor

Featured Departments

The DME Team’s primary mission is to assist the Department of Veterans Affairs in developing new and creative ways to reach and engage with U.S. Veterans. We do this in a variety of ways ranging from content creation and management to support roles.

Writing and Editing

Write blogs and articles to honor the service of Veterans for publication to the VAntage Point blog and VA social media channels.


Directly support the host and producer of the VA's Borne the Battle Podcast. Also produce and host a syndicated DME podcast.


Verify the validity and appropriateness of information that is disseminated across the VA's various social media platforms.

Human Resources

Manage intern selection, training, and professional development. Develop policies and procedures to guide the internship.

Web Development

Oversee and participates in the ongoing development of the DME webpages. Also serve as a WordPress administrator and webmaster.


Analyze and report on the engagement metrics of the VA's social media channels to help tailor our content and reach more people.

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Benefits of Joining the DME Team

Professional Development

Participate in networking events, mentoring, mock interviews, resume workshops and more.

References & Letters of Recommendation

Your hard work does not go unnoticed. Interns have opportunities to receive letters of recommendation and awards for outstanding achievements.

Real Experience

Get your resume to the top of the pile with real-world experience in your domain of study.