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2024-2025 Internship Opportunities

Welcome to the DME team at the Department of Veterans Affairs!

Want to join our team?

Below are the available internship opportunities for the 2024-2025 internship cycle:


Accessibility Department

Accessibility Intern: Digital Accessibility Intern at the Department of Veterans Affairs

Job Link:



Analytics | Metrics Department

Metrics Analyst Intern:

Job Link:

Social Media Analytics Intern – How Are We Doing On Social? :

Job Link:

Web Analytics Intern – Help Us Take VA News to the Next Level

Job Link:


Engagement and Retention Department
Engagement and Retention Specialist Intern:


External Affair Department

Project Management Intern: Hone Your Project Management Skills on the DME’s External Affairs Team
Job Link:


Graphic Design Department
Graphic Design: Graphic Design Internship at the Department of Veterans affairs


Leadership Department

Leadership Intern – Lead a Team of Fellow Interns:

Job Link:



Newsletter Department

Digital Communications Intern:

Job Link:



Prompt Engineering Department

Prompt Engineer: AI Content Creation Specialist Role at Veterans Affairs :

Job Link:



Research Department

Researcher: Digital Media Research Internship at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs

Job Link:



Podcast | BTB Department

AI-Assisted Podcast Producer/ Executive Assistant Intern BTB

Job Link:

Podcast Host – DME Interns Podcast:

Job Link:

Podcast Production Assistant – DME Interns Podcast:

Job Link:

Writing Intern – Borne the Battle Podcast:
Job Link:



Social Media Department

Social Media Intern – Comment Moderator:

Job Link:

Social Media Intern – Social Media Special Projects:

Job Link:



Video Production Department

Transcription/Video Captioner – DME Video Production Team: 

Job Link: 



Web Department
Web Content | Web Development | Web Security

WordPress Web Content Management :

Job Link:

WordPress Web Development:
Job Link:



Writing | Editing Department

Writer:  Write Articles Honoring Veterans at the Department of Veterans Affairs

Edit Article Honoring Veterans at the Department of Veterans Affairs 
Job link:


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