Intern's FAQ

Are you a new intern that needs a quick breakdown of important information? Confused about where to start? Worry not, this FAQ will answer questions that interns commonly have. 

How do I join Slack?

You will find the Slack invite link in their onboarding email. Once in Slack, make sure to join your departments Slack channel and introduce yourself. 

How do I join Trello?

Trello invites will be sent out by your department leaders through email. Give a shout on your departments Slack channel for a Trello invite.

When is my Weekly Reports due?

Weekly reports are due on Thursday 11:59pm. 

How do I write a Weekly Report?

Weekly Report Structure

Weekly reports are sent through email.
FIRST LAST NAME, Weekly Report for MM/DD/YYYY.

Body: Weekly reports are made up of 4 different sections. 

Section A   Questions or Concerns.
Section B   Approximation of hours worked this week.
Section C   What work you did this week.
Section D   What are your goals for next week. What new task you plan to work on in the coming weeks.

Who do I send my Weekly Reports to?

Weekly reports will be sent to your supervisor, CC your department ELT and DH.