The Basics Of Cybersecurity- Why It Matters

Why it Matters:

As our world becomes more connected, online security becomes more important for everyone. Today, there are many ways attackers can steal your personal information.

They can do this through a variety of online attacks:

  • Make individuals download malicious content
  • Scams from your email and social media accounts 
  • Unsafe websites  

This is just a friendly reminder of the ways to stay safe online. If attackers can gain access to your system or personal information, then they can perform malicious actions like installing malicious software to steal your personal information.

To effectively secure your information online, you must understand the rules of safety with technologies that exist today.

Today, a responsible and safe online individual has a lot of information to keep in mind:

  • How to use email
  • Understanding where and what type of information is sensitive
  • Guidelines on using public wi-fi
  • Identifying and avoiding common scams
  • Browsing websites safely
  • Downloading and installing important safety software 
  • Keeping backups for crucial pieces of hardware and software 

Learning this information can be daunting. Do not be dismayed. There will be subsequent posts that will expand upon this topic, so stay tuned. Remember: While you can set up multiple strong layers of defense, new vulnerabilities in the tools you use are always being found. Understanding cybersecurity and the rules of using technology safely and keeping things up to date will reduce the risk of you losing any sensitive information.

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