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Overview of the DME Team
Who is the Veterans Affairs (VA) Digital Media Engagement (DME) Team? What do we do?

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Working with Your Team
An overview of the tools we use and how to communicate effectively as a DME intern.

Organizational Structure
The DME Team will consist of Executive Leadership Team Members which consist of XO and an ELT, Department Head(s), and Division Officer (if applicable).

Departmental Resources
Links and resources for interns

Weekly Reports
Expectations for weekly reports, a requirement for each intern.

Intern Policies
Overview of the policy and rules for all interns.

Getting Involved
Get involved! This section explains some of the weekly events hosted in Slack.

General Bootcamp Course Completion
Complete this quiz to complete bootcamp

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It was great introduction to how Slack and other components of the internship will serve and benefit the interns. Really concise and informative!
2 months ago
Excellent overview with very clear expectations.
2 months ago
All the lessons provided were helpful and clear in what is expected from an intern.
2 months ago
It helped me understand how the internship and the DME team work.
The course was great. It was not too long and had great tips to get started as an intern with DME.
3 months ago
Extremely informative and concise!
9 months ago
Very informative
10 months ago
I thought this course provided a great review.
10 months ago
Great course with helpful information!
10 months ago
Very informative!
10 months ago
It was very descriptive, and helpful!
10 months ago
This course was helpful of covering the basics of many different aspects of the internship program.
10 months ago
Great course! Really appreciated all the efficiently packaged information.
10 months ago
10 months ago
Very informative.
10 months ago
This course was an excellent overview of what is expected for this internship program.
10 months ago
Great information!
10 months ago
The course was excellent and informative. Some formatting errors were on one of the pages (Organizational Structures/The Department of VA DME ). It is probably an easy fix, just a typo in the HTML. Great Course!
10 months ago
This was a great course. It was dense in information without being overwhelming or convoluted.
10 months ago
It was a great course
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