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Boot Camp for General

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About Course

About the instructors

Course Curriculum

Overview of the DME Team
Who is the Veterans Affairs (VA) Digital Media Engagement (DME) Team? What do we do?

  • Welcome!
  • Check for Understanding: DME Overview

Working with Your Team
An overview of the tools we use and how to communicate effectively as a DME intern.

  • Effectively Working with Your Team
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Check for Understanding: Working With Your Team

Organizational Structure
The DME Team will consist of Department Head(s), Executive Leadership Team member (ELT) and Division Offier (if applicable).

  • Navigating the Internship
  • The Leadership Team
  • The Departments of VA DME
  • Check for Understanding: Organizational Structure

Departmental Resources
Links and resources for interns

  • Important Links

Weekly Reports
Expectations for weekly reports, a requirement for each intern.

  • Overview
  • Structure
  • What Counts Towards Weekly Hours?
  • Sending Your Report
  • Check for Understanding: Weekly Reports

Intern Policies
Overview of the policy and rules for all interns.

  • Intern Inactivity Policy
  • Letter of Recommendation Policy
  • Vacation and Leave Policy
  • Communication
  • Check for Understanding: Intern Policy

Getting Involved
Get involved! This section explains some of the weekly events hosted in Slack.

  • Making Connections Monday
  • Resume Friday
  • Communicating with Your Team
  • Check for Understanding: Getting Involved

General Bootcamp Course Completion
Complete this quiz to complete bootcamp

  • Thanks for Completing General Bootcamp

Student Ratings & Reviews

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4 weeks ago
Very informative, professional, and well-laid out.
4 months ago
Simple, straightforward, and very informative.
6 months ago
Very informative
6 months ago
The course was comprehensive and information-packed, but also quite readable! It was a bit difficult to access due to site issues, but that has nothing to do with the course.
6 months ago
The course was engaging and informative, but the \"complete lesson\" button could have been placed more intuitively.
6 months ago
Good course!
7 months ago
There were a few bugs with being able to view some buttons but that may have been a browser issue on my end. I loved how specific the course was and I feel comfortable in my ability to effectively participate as a DME intern.
7 months ago
It was very well organized and informative. I did not have a hard time following through each lesson.
7 months ago
7 months ago
Great content
7 months ago
Very informative!
8 months ago
Great overview of the program! This course helped clarify some uncertainties I had, in a very thorough manner. I really appreciated the examples given, especially the one pertaining to the weekly reports.
8 months ago
All of the concepts were clear and the visual aids defiantly helped in my case.
8 months ago
Excellent course for learning the basic of the program. It is simple and clean, that makes for a good learning platform.
8 months ago
The General Boot Camp was informative about all aspects of the internship!
8 months ago
Very helpful!
8 months ago
The content was fine, and the quiz component was as well. Although I missed the \"complete lesson\" button, and was simply clicking \"next\" to go to the next lesson. There should be a better visual indicator for what to press when completing a lesson, or a prompt when clicking \"next\" to prevent situations like mine.
8 months ago
It was a great introduction to everything I need to know for the internship.
8 months ago
Detailed and easy to understand.
8 months ago
Easy to navigate and understand!