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Boot Camp for Web

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About Course

For: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Digital Media Engagement Web Team Interns

Note: Web has two divisions: Web Content Management and Development 

Job Codes: VA-USA-8 (Web Content Management), VA-USA-64 (Web Development)

What Will You Learn?

  • Learning how to be an effective intern with the U.S. DoVA DME Web Team

About the instructor

Course Curriculum

Overview of the DME Team

  • Welcome!
  • Check for Understanding: DME Overview

Working with Your Team

  • Effectively Working with Your Team
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Check for Understanding: Working With Your Team

Organizational Structure

  • Navigating the Internship
  • The Leadership Team
  • The Departments of VA DME
  • Check for Understanding: Organizational Structure

Departmental Resources

  • Introduction
  • Web Communication
  • Learning WordPress
  • Check for Understanding: Web Department Resources

Weekly Reports

  • Overview
  • Structure
  • What Counts Towards Weekly Hours?
  • Sending Your Report
  • Check for Understanding: Weekly Reports

Intern Policies

  • Intern Inactivity Policy
  • Letter of Recommendation Policy
  • Vacation and Leave Policy
  • Communication
  • Check for Understanding: Intern Policy

Getting Involved

  • Making Connections Monday
  • Resume Friday
  • Communicating with Your Team
  • Check for Understanding: Getting Involved

Student Ratings & Reviews

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7 months ago
I enjoyed the content.
7 months ago
While a majority of the content was reiterated from the General Bootcamp, I did enjoy a second review of that information. I thought the introduction to WordPress, and the development stack that we use, was very good; I really appreciate the external sources given for Word Press. My primary criticism is that the quizzes are a little brief and unfinished, and the completion of the course isn\'t entirely identified as opposed to the General Bootcamp. With that said, I realize that this is all actively being developed so it\'s not to say that those issues are unwarranted. Regardless, this was a great course and introduction to the Web team.
8 months ago
Almost a carbon copy of the general boot camp except for the WordPress tutorials which are pretty helpful.
8 months ago
Easy to understand.
Jonathan Meurer
8 months ago
Overall the course is very informative but a bit redundant. The Youtube videos are a great for this field.
9 months ago
Oh Hi. I\'m testing this to make sure students can leave feedback. Hey cool!
2 years ago
Great job overall on the website. Some of the information like emails needs to be updated on certain pages. Also, when sending welcome letters, they should include a direct link to the appropriate boot camp for example web dev, or social media, etc.
2 years ago
The videos and external links were very helpful.
2 years ago
The Bootcamp for Web provides you with a foundation to be successful at utilizing the already existing tools, policies and structure created by interns and program leadership, helping to enhance the internship experience.
2 years ago
It is great to have an idea of what the expectations are as a new intern. This course was definitely helpful to get up to speed with the web team. Other than the unexpected glitches and bugs from now and then, the overall idea and content is excellent.
2 years ago
The Web Development Boot Camp is fantastic! The Wordpress resources are very valuable. Even though I\'ve worked in Wordpress before, these videos helped me become much more confident!