Engagement and Retention Department

Learn more about the engagement and retention department and the type of work the interns within the department do.

About Us

As a engagement and retention specialist, interns will oversee a broad range of responsibilities. They will help fill internship openings, train new interns, manage a diverse workplace, assist in developing policy and procedures, as well as plan and lead weekly career development discussions for creating attention-grabbing resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and answering tough interview questions. Interns may also be assisting the DME Volunteer Program with onboarding volunteers. In the closing months of the internship, human resource department members will be responsible for fulfilling all requests for letters of recommendation for jobs and graduate school.

  • Interns highlight and promote upcoming or ongoing employee engagement events or programs.
  • Interns create a mechanism for collecting feedback from employees and visitors to continually improve the page.
  • Interns gather information on employee retention and engagement strategies, statistics, and best practices.
  • Interns write engaging and informative content for the page, including explanations of company policies and programs.


Interns update and manage various onboarding and offboarding materials

Managing and updating the intern roster.

Department members will create content, events, and more to encourage communication and engagement between all DME interns.

Interns will track, count, and use metrics provided by interns of all departments.

Intern Testimonials

The VSFS DME Internship Program has been nothing short of amazing! I have built on skills I already had and learned new ones. I have been able to build new relationships. All while giving back to Veterans.
Ja'Tyra Ferguson