4 ways to build your career network

How to Build Your Career Network through the VA Internship

Sneak Peak: Building your career network is a major benefit to interning with the VA. These are 4 aspects to focus on each week to ready yourself for the workforce!

As a college senior, I continuously think of ways to prepare myself for the “real world” and what’s a better way to do this than becoming an intern! I accepted the position as a Digital Media Engagement (DME) VA writing intern with the goal to gain experience and connections. My work gives me a sense of accomplishment and it is exciting to use my writing as a powerful tool to honor Veterans for their service. The DME Internship is a great way to expand your networking and gain experience for your future career!

4 Ways to Build your Career Network:

  1. You Intern at the Department of Veterans Affairs!

This may sound obvious but embrace that you intern for Veteran Affairs. Your work is published on the official website and you have opportunities to collaborate with outside organizations and institutions. The Department of Veteran Affairs is a highly respected institution that employers will recognize.

  1. Making Connections Monday!

Every Monday morning, I make myself a coffee and head to the #federal_employment channel on Slack for Making Connections Monday. By dropping your LinkedIn profile in the channel, it is a simple way to expand your network. I have gained over 100 connections on LinkedIn and it is amazing to see the achievements fellow interns have accomplished!

  1. Resume Friday!

Do you wonder how you can craft the perfect resume that will stand out to employers? If you do, post your resume on Resume Friday in the #federal_employment channel of Slack. Sometimes it can be challenging to know what your resume should or should not include. Applying critiques and recommendations of fellow interns to your resume will result in a professional document you will be proud of.

  1. Network with Other Interns!

You never know who has the resources to help you, until you ask on Slack! Get answers to general questions about work and virtual opportunities on the #federal_employment channel. If you need help preparing for job interviews, sign up for a practice time with the Human Resources Team. Interning can lead to friendships too! In the #random channel you can talk about how your week went on #RoseBudThornThursday, or on Tuesday you can vote if you would rather have “this or that.”

Use these four tips to build your career network through your experience during your DME VA internship.

Writer: Hannah Nelson
Editors: Rachel Falconer & Cassidy Reid
Graphic Designer: Katie Rahill


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