Learn more about the Research department and the type of work the interns within the department do.

About Us

Research interns ensure the content published by DME properly honors veterans by checking work for factual accuracy. To achieve this mission interns, locate sources for posts, take notes on those sources, and compare their notes to the drafts of content to be published for factual accuracy and adherence to APA standards.

  • Interns locate sources to check for accuracy
  • Interns take notes and research various sources used in official blog posts and news articles
  • Interns analyze drafts to make sure all written content is factual and contain no false information or contradictions
  • Interns also check for grammatical/spelling errors that may have been missed by the Writing and Editing departments



The various completed fact cards that contributed to articles and blog posts submitted across VA sites.

The creation of a process that has positively impacted VSFS DME as a whole when it comes to the process of creating Veteran of the Day articles.

Constant ensurement that articles and blog posts submitted are free of factual errors.