Intern Experience

Podcast episode with Isabel Mahon (pictured) trancsription and writing intern.

Isabel Mahon

This week’s guest is Isabel Mahon, a transcription intern for the Borne the Battle podcast who also helps with the America250 project as a writer. She is a sophomore studying international affairs with a concentration in security policy at George Washington University. Listen to hear about Isabel’s responsibilities as a podcast intern, the process that …

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Azia Salbego

Today we talk to Azia Salbego, the accessibility departments ELT, about her responsibilities in this role, the hard and soft skills she has gained this position, and how this experience will help her in future career goals. 

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Omar Cunningham

Today we talk to Omar Cunningham, the social analytics department head, about his responsibilities in this role, the skills he has gained from a leadership position, the advice he has for future interns, and his own career goals for the future.

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Grace Yang

Today we talk to Grace Yang, a volunteer ELT for the graphic design and YouTube departments, about her responsibilities, skills she’s picked up and some advice to current and future interns.

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Paulina Riffley

Today I get the chance to talk with Paulina Riffley from transcription! We talk about her future career goals, the difference between in person internships and virtual ones, as well being a part of the military family community. I hope you enjoy! 

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Calley Walker

Today we are talking to Calley Walker, the Human Resources Division Officer for the DME, about her responsibilities, the skills she has gained from her position, and her future career goals!

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Brittany Gorski

Today we talk to Brittany Gorski, a YouTube Channel Manager for the DME about her role and responsibilities, some projects she’s worked on this year, and future career goals!

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Rajiv Thummala

Today we talk to Rajiv Thummala, the Department Head for the Web Development Team! Join us as I learn some new web development terms, what it means to be a Department Head for the team, and some time management tips! 

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Maggie Thomas

Today we are talking to writing intern Maggie Thomas, about her role within the DME, how she got started, and tips for future interns! 

DME Podcast with Megha Dasgupta: Podcast Cooridnating Producer

Meghna Dasgupta

Today we talk to the coordinating producer Meghna Dasgupta about her current role as well as tips for college students trying to apply for internships!