Web Development

Learn more about the Web Development department and the type of work the interns within the department do.

About Us

Web Development Interns are responsible for maintaining and continuously upgrading the DME Team’s official internship website. Web Development Interns manage website permissions, work with other VA interns to save and present important internal information on password-protected parts of the website, and update the internship website to present accurate and current information for external parties.

  • Interns make changes, updates, and suggest new ideas for pages, designs, content, and more for the DME Interns website.
  • Interns help assist in website matters that other departments and interns need. 
  • Interns are encouraged to bring new ideas to the table and try different things, the department constantly wants to innovate and listen for new ideas.



The official DME website and it's many different pages, updated over time.

The fast work done over the spice works help desk.

Development on DME's side project sites.

The increasing amount of new ideas, designs, and more brought by each new team in the department.

Intern Testimonials

"My internship experience through DME has been very rewarding! Within the Web Development department, we learn a lot of new and interesting techniques in designing our own web pages with our own creativity. Many of the skills we learned have given me a sense of real-world application and explore the world of web development. Being a part of this internship has made me actually enjoy what I would like to do as a potential career and will definitely open up new opportunities for me in the future!"
Matthew Chow
"The program plays a vital role in transforming a college student into being industry ready. It gives us a glimpse of a corporate environment while honing our existing skill-set."
Srividhya Vasanth
Department Head