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What is a VOD?

Veterans can be defined as individuals who have had experience serving in the military. There is no age limit, service time or other requirements necessary for a Veteran to be published with their own Veteran of the Day post (VOD) on the VA site. The purpose of a VOD is not just to write about Veterans but to also to recognize their service and highlight each and every unique story they carry with them.

On the Department of Veterans Affairs website, the VA began to publish VODs daily starting from Dec. 31, 2015. These write-ups do not simply highlight a Veteran’s service, but also offer further insight into who they are as a person, their family life, their education and career background, medals received and more to provide a complete picture of the Veteran. For example, a VOD begins by telling the reader about the Veteran’s early life, family and maybe education. It then goes into how the Veteran joined the services and what led them to serve. Facts about their specific rank and role are included. Where the Veteran served is provided to offer a complete picture of the Veteran’s time in the service. Any medals received by the Veteran in or after their service are also highlighted. The VOD concludes with what the Veteran has continued to do after their service (such as with a career, job, volunteer work, etc.) or provides information on the Veteran’s passing.

VODs can be nominated by the public, created from the Veterans History Project or written specifically from intern interviews. Currently, there have been over 2,030 VODs published to bring light to Veterans’ experiences and time in their service. Every day, a Veteran’s story is brought to life by VODs. If you know someone who deserves a post, reach out to the VA blog here!

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