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Which Department Is Right for You?

The Digital Media Engagement (DME) team has grown immensely since I started as an intern in 2019. Each year, new departments are added, and the jobs can differ, making it hard for a potential applicant to know what opportunity might best suit them. Here are my tips for figuring out what department is best for you!

Base It on Your Major or Interest

I am a graduate student with a background in English currently working on my Master of Arts in History, so when I learned about this internship, I knew writing would be a great fit for me. Considering your major can help you decide which department is best for you. Working on computer data or some type of tech? Analytics, Web Content Management or Development might be of interest. Do you like working with social media? The DME has departments working with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It’s Okay If You Don’t Have Experience

Some of my past fellow interns have mentioned how they joined their departments without much experience. But what they’ve learned during their time with us has changed how they view the work. Even if you know don’t know a lot about podcasting, human resources or graphic design, you will learn skills during your time with us. And if you do have experience, you can expand your knowledge or learn about new ways to use it! 

Your Department Choice Doesn’t Limit Your Ability to Potentially Work with Other Departments

One of the great things about interning with the DME is that you can work with other departments, even if you’ve committed to one. Many writers, for example, have worked with the podcasting departments and still written VODs (Veteran of the Day), Operation Song posts or pieces for the VA newsletter. So, if you’re really interested in working with two departments, you might get the chance to even after choosing a main one.

Look at the DME Interns Blog Testimonials

Want to hear what a certain department such as transcription is like? Check out the DME Interns blog. This is an intern-produced platform that posts intern experiences, helpful information for applying to the internship, tips on organization or time management, etc. Since each intern’s experiences differ and new departments form each year, head to the blog if you want to hear about what it’s actually like interning with us.

Think Beyond VAntage Point

While the VA blog VAntage Point is important, the DME also works in capacities beyond it. The VA newsletter reaches over 11 million subscribers and gives helpful information/department policy updates to Veterans and their families. The VA social media platforms post about events at the VA or stories relating to Veteran experiences. External Affairs works with sub-departments within the VA, like the Women Veteran Small Business Initiative, the Office of Tribal Governmental Relations or the VA Office of Research and Development. The blog is an essential part of our work, but the DME also works in larger capacities too.

Choosing the right department is important to have a great internship experience. Hopefully now you will know which ones are the best for you!

Writer: Sarah Concepcion

Editors: Katherine Berman, Julia Pack

Graphic Designer: Katie Rahill

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