Creating saved jobs may lead to federal employment

Creating Saved Jobs on USAJOBS


This guide is designed to help people who may not be familiar with saved searches, notifications, and announcements on the USAJOBS website. It contains detailed information intended to walk you through some of the processes mentioned above. USAJOBS is the United States government’s official job-listing website.

Save Search Using Notifications

Search for jobs by keyword or region

  1. Type in the desired keywords. Keywords can include job title, occupation, and agency. Then, enter your desired location. Your search results should appear on the next screen.
  2. After clicking on your desired job, view the options listed in the top left corner of your screen. Here, you can save your search criteria. By doing so, you’ll be notified at a frequency of your preference to learn more about new job opportunities matching your chosen criteria.

Saving a Job Announcement

To save a job announcement, click on the yellow star posted next to “Save Job.”

Save jobs by clicking the yellow star

To Save a Job Search and Signup for Email Notifications:

Be notified about jobs via email
If you are stuck and are unable to save a job search or sign up for email notifications, click this link.

Sort saved jobs

Managing Saved Jobs in Your Profile

You can save up to 25 job announcements. You are also able to sort through all of your saved jobs in your profile. You can also sort through your saved jobs using four different filters: saved date, agency, closing date, and job title.

What If the Saved Job Disappeared From My List?

  • The agency that announced the job in question might have closed the listing before the final posted closing date.
  • If you have already applied before the listing closed, the job will be moved from your saved job list to your active applications list.
  • The agency may have canceled the job announcement.

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