How to use your DME Internship Experience When Applying for Future Internships

How to Use Your DME Internship Experience When Applying for Future internships

Sneak Peak: DME internships provide interns with an array of skills and an inventory of experience that they can pull from when applying for future internships or professional opportunities. I break down how I have best promoted the abilities I learned from my writing internship and share the ways in which you can do the same.

I have started the daunting task of applying to summer internships. That means hours of Googling, researching companies, perusing internship sites, finding housing options and writing essays for applications. Applying to numerous internships requires editing resumes and cover letters to fit each specific job. I have heavily relied on my experience thus far as a VA Digital Media Engagement (DME) writing intern, as it is my only internship experience. The good news is, DME internships equip you with a slew of skills that can be applied to a variety of opportunities. Here are some of the benefits you gain from a DME internship and can showcase in your applications.

  1. Professionalism
    The DME internship operates in a virtual office setting that requires professionalism. As a writing intern, I report directly to department heads, and have interactions with the executive leadership team and heads of other departments. In my applications for future endeavors, I emphasize how I have developed my professional skills by cultivating relationships with leadership and other interns through virtual communication.

  2. Technical Skill
    As a writer, I have improved my writing and editing skills, however the DME internship covers several fields, such as human resources and web development. When promoting your skills, focus on a unique and specific way that the internship has helped you improve. For example, to demonstrate my writing ability, I explain how I collaborate with editors, graphic designers and fact checkers to publish a complete story about the life of a Veteran. I am also on a team that is creating a new, official VA podcast about Native American Veterans, where I have compiled research and written episode scripts.

  3. Teamwork
    I touch on collaboration while describing my technical ability of writing, but teamwork is a necessary skill in the workforce and can be worth elaborating on. To highlight your ability to effectively work with others, consider providing an account of how you and your fellow interns, or team that you led, accomplished a goal or finished a project. Backing up your skills with a story can strengthen your application, interview or essay.

DME internships are multi-faceted, enabling you to focus on different aspects of your experience, depending on the field of the internship you are applying for. You will certainly have an array of projects to highlight on your resume.

Good luck with those applications!

Writer: Erica MacSweeney
Editors: Julia Pack, Christine Myers
Graphics: Katie Rahill

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