Newsletter Department

Learn more about the Newsletter department and the type of work the interns within the department do.

About Us

Newsletter Interns experience the opportunity to design content and contribute to the construction of our three routine  newsletters – shared among millions of Veterans and their families across the country.  Interns gather informative and beneficial resources across VAntage Point, such as blog posts, podcast episodes, and online events, and describe the details of these materials in our newsletters.  Newsletter interns often communicate with other departments for content and are encouraged to suggest ideas about what we could add to them to further support/benefit Veterans, interns, and all other recipients of our newsletters.


  • Interns create news resources across VAntage Point and the DME site 
  • Interns collab with various departments for any news and announcements to be shared across the various online sites
  • Interns encourage innovation and various new ideas and concepts to further develop the department and better DME as a whole

Projects and Achievements

Newsletter Department DME Interns

  • The creation and finalization of many different resource proposals
  • The various news articles, blog posts, social media content, events, and more that are shared to millions of people.
  • The increasing morale of all DME departments through the collaborative efforts the interns in this department strive for. 

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Intern Testimonial

"My experience has been interesting. I have participated in projects I never expected to be involved in, which was a good surprise. I have also expanded my knowledge and experience, which has been wonderful. Now I’m in a leadership position, and I hope to continue growing."
Mikaela Querido
Newsletter DH