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Research Team Spotlight: Timothy Georgetti

Today, let’s take a moment to highlight the fantastic work our research interns do each day!


The research team is dedicated to fact-checking projects like Veteran of the Day features as well as finding credible and helpful sources of information about Veterans and military history. Researchers are the genies who make writing possible.


Timothy Georgetti has been a research intern since September. He describes his experience so far as an “exciting adventure.”


When asked about what inspired him to apply for a position as a research intern, Timothy replied, “I thought the research position at the VA was the perfect way to gain practical experience and support a very important mission at the same time.”


Researchers may make their job look effortless, but their role is not without challenges. They must recognize minute details that need to be verified as well as understand complex military concepts and abbreviations. “The biggest challenge for me as a research intern has been learning a lot of the military jargon/regulations that need to be correctly followed,” said Timothy.


Timothy also explained that, in addition to helping with existing tasks, the research team is happy to find sources for other projects. “In the end, we are not just meant to ensure that all work is factual,” he explained, “but also to support the other interns by helping them research anything they might need.”


Consider Timothy’s suggestions and include research interns on any project that involves sourcing or writing up information. Researchers are an integral part of making sure our work as Digital Media Engagement interns runs smoothly and accurately.


Take some time to thank a research intern today!


Writer: Maggie Thomas

Editors: Alexander Reza, Annabelle Colton

Graphic Designer: Kiki Kelley

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