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DME Intern Spotlight: Jai Segovia

The DME internship thrives due to the dedication and skills of our interns. In these posts highlighting the work of individual interns, you can get a sneak peek into what they do, how it’s developing them, and whether DME might be a good fit for you too! If you’re interested in joining us, please see the link at the bottom of the blog post.

In this post we spoke to DME intern Jai Segovia about her role as a Social Media Analyst. She gave us a look into what she’s been doing and how it’s helped her to grow professionally.

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What do you contribute to the DME team and how do you further their goals?

  • Gather metrics and insights from the VA’s official social media channels.
  • Manage the main social media channels for the entire Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Use Salesforce Social Studio to analyze the metrics for social media content.
  • Utilize data to provide insights for performance improvement and general audience reception.
  • Create performance reports for social media campaigns.
  • Review social media content and ensure the appropriate labels are added to increase the accuracy of reported metrics.
  • Assist in pulling internal requests for metrics related to particular social content.

How does your work at DME help you reach your professional goals?

During my time on the DME team I have been able to do the following:

  • Brush up on my skills with tools such as Excel and Salesforce
  • Learn and use collaboration tools such as Slack and Trello, both useful for team communication and project coordination
  • Learn to work remotely with different teams across the country in order to complete projects and assignments in an organized, coordinated, and timely manner
  • Gain new insights and provided ideas on how to complete and manage tasks more efficiently
  • Enhance my critical thinking skills
  • Strengthen my professional network by meeting and networking with fellow interns from different backgrounds
  • Receive resume writing advice, including resume writing tips for federal government job applications
  • Build up my LinkedIn network and received tips on how to improve my profile
  • Add meaningful working experience on my resume before graduation, which could significantly improve the chances of gaining employment after finishing school

Why would you recommend DME to others?

It is a great way to gain meaningful experience before finishing school. The fact that it is a remote internship makes DME a very flexible internship program, especially for those students who are unable to attend an onsite internship.

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