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DME Intern Spotlight: Steven Sullivan

The DME internship thrives due to the dedication and skills of our interns. In these posts highlighting the work of individual interns, you can get a sneak peek into what they do, how it’s developing them, and whether DME might be a good fit for you too! If you’re interested in joining us, please see the link at the bottom of the blog post.

In this intern spotlight we highlight the work of Steven Sullivan, the Department Head for the Facebook team and the Division Officer for the Reddit team in the Social Media Department. He discusses what he does in his roles and why he has been interning with DME.

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What do you contribute to the DME team and how do you further their goals?

Being in charge of the Reddit project, I substantially contribute to the amount of shareable content put out by our media teams. The project entails sharing 36 posts on Facebook and Twitter each week.

How does your work at DME help you reach your professional goals?

My work at DME has taught me many valuable skills related to collaborating and working with others in a remote workspace. The professional lessons I have learned here will undoubtedly help me in any career path I choose.

Why would you recommend DME to others?

Working in DME is a great experience. The remote aspect allows you to have an incredibly flexible schedule that allows you to complete your work throughout the week whenever it is most convenient. It’s awesome to be able to still get to be a part of such a great internship program while still being a full-time student.

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