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We Can Help You Improve Reach and Engagement For Your Content!

Given the amount of time and effort you put into creating content for Veterans, aren’t you curious about the audience you are actually reaching? The Web and Social Analytics intern teams on the Digital Media Engagement (DME) team can not only help you gain insight into your target audience, but they can also help you increase your engagement with a rich set of reports and analyses.

Recent months have seen a great deal of new and improved content for Veterans through videos (e.g., Live Whole Health), podcasts (e.g., Borne the Battle), and various articles on VAntage Point (the VA’s official blog), which cover a wide array of different topics. However, once your content is published, do you know how it performs? The Web Analytics team at the DME can help you answer several fundamental questions about the effectiveness of your content using a rich portfolio of tools from Google Analytics and Google Data Studio, such as:

1. How many users are viewing the content?

2. What is their experience with the content?

3. What kind of audience is viewing the content?

4. Where are the users coming from?

5. What are the users searching for on the website?

6. What technology are people using to access the content?

Similarly, the Social Analytics team can you understand the audience engaging with your content on the various social media pages. Specifically, they have experience in data reporting and analysis across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. The team uses this data to provide insights on strengths and weaknesses in audience reception of content and help you identify opportunities to improve. They can help you improve the accuracy and granularity of your metrics by using appropriate labels. To do this, they use tools like Facebook Creator Studio and Salesforce Social Studio to help you answer questions such as:

1. How many people were reached?

2. What is the total engagement?

3. What is the reach trend on Facebook?

These are just a few of the basic questions that the Web and Social Analytics intern teams can answer on a regular basis by setting up a suite of self-service reports. In addition to basic reporting, the Analytics teams can also work with the other offices across VA to do custom analysis that will help you test out different strategies for your content to help you increase reach and engagement. The teams can also define engagement goals that will in turn help you gauge your progress throughout the year. 

Producing great content is certainly not easy. To achieve the full potential of your content, you need to maximize reach and optimize engagement. The Web and Social Analytics intern teams at the DME are your one-stop shops for web and social analytics. If you’d like assistance, please reach out via  Projects are first come, first served. Depending on staffing, you may be put on a wait list.

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