Why interns should start LinkedIn profiles

Why Interns Should Start LinkedIn Profiles

Have you joined the Digital Media Engagement Team (DME) and wondered what this “LinkedIn” everyone keeps talking about on Slack is? Well, today, we will break down LinkedIn and show you why DME interns should start LinkedIn profiles.

First launched in 2003, LinkedIn is an online social networking platform that allows professionals, such as yourself, to network with other like-minded people, like your fellow DME interns. Why should you care about networking and connecting with others? Well, networking builds relationships with others who will enter the career field you want to enter. These connections are helpful because the people you connect with could offer valuable advice that helps your career path; not only that, connections can also help you down the road when you are job-searching after college.

In addition to networking opportunities, LinkedIn profiles can also help you advertise your skills and experiences. This is becoming more and more important as employers begin to rely on online resources during the hiring process. Your LinkedIn profile is an accessible window into your professional experience and skills that employers can access during the hiring process. It can also help them better understand who you are as a person and is a great supplement to your resume.

If you are a fourth-year student looking for job opportunities, LinkedIn also has a built-in job finder you can use to connect with new jobs. Within the job-searching feature, you can search for jobs based on companies, titles, skills and even location. You can read job descriptions right on LinkedIn and save jobs that you might want to apply to later. LinkedIn also suggests jobs based on the experiences and skills listed on your profile, so you have a host of opportunities you have never thought of right at your fingertips. Overall, LinkedIn’s job searching platform is intuitive, easy to use and can be a great resource for anyone looking for jobs.

In the end, LinkedIn provides valuable networking opportunities to connect with other professionals, like your fellow DME interns. It also serves as a great resource to advertise yourself to potential employers and works as a great tool for them to get a better understanding of who you are. If you are looking for jobs, LinkedIn is an accessible and easy-to-use tool that can help you with that. So, what are you waiting for? Go make a LinkedIn profile and further your networking and career development!

Writer: Raymond Lin

Editors: Nathaniel Scott, Annabelle Colton

Graphic Designer: Kiki Kelley

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