Learn more about what the writing department does and the work interns in the department do.

About Us

Writing Interns learn the fundamentals of operating in a cabinet-level agency while reaching out to nearly 21 million Veterans and their family members. Writing Interns take their roles seriously, as the content of each article is representative of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the veterans highlighted in the piece. Writers serve on a variety of teams to apply their expertise to bring veterans’ stories to life.


  • Interns learn about and research various veterans
  • Interns write for various different projects, including Veteran of the Day blog posts, highlight important veteran events and holidays, and more.
  • Interns collaborate with different departments for different projects.


  • The official DME blog
  • The various veteran of the day articles submitted each year
  • Various pieces of content produced by writing interns published and submitted to various VA sites.

Intern Testimonials

This internship has taught me the power of storytelling. I’ve gotten to better my writing skills and increase my professional development while also telling the stories of veterans that have selflessly served out country. The online community is wonderful and the networking opportunities.
Sarah McDonald
Writing Intern