The Web Department in the DME’s Internship Program consists of the Web Development Internship and Web Content Management Internship. Prospective interns should have a WordPress experience, strong communication skills, and an understanding of web development (especially front-end web development). Trello experience is strongly recommended for Web Content Management interns.

Please visit the How to Apply page for application details if you are interested in interning in this department.


Web Development

2019-2020 Web Development Interns work on our internship website, https://www.dmeinterns.org.  Team members will have access to a development site.  The DH will move content or implement changes to the live site. 

Team members may be called upon to install or update plugins and themes, modify WordPress settings, update theme settings, create sliders, edit pages using various page builders, update menus, widgets and page settings as well as managing users, updating SEO metadata, work on CSS, and maybe even do some custom coding too.

You are joining a team of fellow interns just like yourself.  Your DH is also an intern.  This is our second year recruiting interns from the VSFS program.  We have had great success in the past working with interns just like you and look forward to continuing that record!

Team History:
The Web Development Internship was created in 2018-2019 in an effort to upgrade the VAntage Point blog and better manage communications among internship stakeholders (both internal and external). Web Development Interns in 2018-2019 reviewed a previously-completed Usability Audit Review to improve the VAntage Point blog, determined appropriate upgrades from this Usability Audit Review, chose a more modern theme using sites such as Themeforest, and built a mock blog that led to the modification of the VAntage Point blog. Web Development Interns developed this DME Internship Website in 2018-2019. Interns in 2019-2020 are responsible for managing internship website permissions, adding new pages and content to the internship website, updating the internship website to present accurate and current information for external parties, and offering suggestions on future upgrades of the VAntage Point blog.


Web Content Management

The Web Content Management Internship is a new program created in 2019-2020 to help streamline web communications with key stakeholders interested in Veteran’s Affairs. Web Content Management Interns work with content-producing interns (especially those producing material for the VAntage Point blog) by taking materials on Trello and synthesizing them into WordPress posts prior to official publication. Web Content Management Interns also assist Web Development interns in saving important information shared in e-mails or Slack messages within the DME Team and present them on password-protected parts of this website.